Here's our commitment to you:

We put the the open web back into your hands.

Social media and other services let you create on the web, but most of them don't let you own what you create. Instead, your content is only online as long as the service is.

Here on Platform, everything you create belongs to you. We give you ownership of your content and also the means of creating and distributing it. Your site and its content will be online and accessible forever, or at least until you decide that it shouldn't be.

This is how the web should work, and we're commiting to it.

It's your site, run it anywhere.

Platform makes it easy to launch a site, but you don't have to keep it running on our service. We provide daily exports of everything you need to run your site on another hosting service, or even on your own server. We're the first completely open platform.

No ads, third-party analytics, or trackers.

Platform is a paid service which lets us optimize for you and your users, not the advertisers. We will never install third-party analytics or trackers on your site. Instead, we'll focus on delivering value to creators and the people that love them.

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